Real Greek Yogurt

Portland OOH - The yogurt that makes ice cream jealous®

Ellenos logo before/after

Ellenos heart icon before/after

8oz clear cup packaging, with fresh puree and blue foil lid

5.3oz packaging

Pike Place Market store and walk around cup

Canvas tote bag

Enamel lapel pin

Long sleeve heart crewneck and golf hat

Field marketing tent concept

Italian designed yogurt cart

Field marketing events van

Ellenos and Alaska Airlines

Scoop shop concept — Handcrafted in Seattle, now scooping in Austin, LA, New York, etc..the Space Needle would land in each location.

Proposed store concept

Excited to help the Ellenos team in branding this amazing Seattle based yogurt company, that’s now available nationwide.

About Ellenos:
Yogurt obsession. It’s a family tradition.
When you grow up in a Greek family, yogurt is just a way of life. In fact, when we’re not making at work, we’re making it at home in small handmade batches. We might even hold friendly competitions to see who does it best. Parents, uncles, grandparents and cousins vie to see who has the right blend of creamy, sweet and tart. Winner holds the bragging rights. Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt is the yummy, fresh and pure outcome of a really yogurt-obsessed family. It’s our delicious family tradition, and we thought it was time to share.

  • Role Creative Lead

  • For Ellenos

  • Date 2019 – present

  • Type branding, packaging, marketing

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